When I learnt that my name meant a big nation. Which precisely was after God`s own heart that`s when I said enough with ungodly life. Just like the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit came upon me with outstanding power. My friend it is an awesome experience. For the first time I felt as light as a feather. My body and spirit was in unquenchable fire. I had a feeling that if salvation was water I could force all of you to drink. You can be sure I had a heaven mind set. Oh! How I longed for that day when the son of man will appear on the clouds. I could imagine his glorious appearance. When I thought about all the wonders of God my human mind could not possibly contain all the mystery of Jehovah. I had to start telling some people the good news that were almost driving me crazy. And that’s how my journey as a Baptist preacher started.

The Anointing That Kept Me Moving

As long as I can remember, I was still so young to start preaching but the fire in me was too much. I felt like a dynamite in small packages. I never cared what people would think all I cared is to fulfil my purpose. It always startled me when people came running to me in the name, of new anointing. I was wondering where the old anointing went. As for me I have lived under the anointing I received. And the impact I have created in people’s life cannot be underrated.

Am not implying that I have personally changed the life of people. No you are mistaken if that’s what you think. Instead the Holy Spirit in me touched the lives of people. To be precise my life has been full of prayers. I know that it is the only weapon I can fight the enemy with. Though at times I would face tough challenges that would leave my heart bleeding. But I have never been utterly destroyed because my ‘Eve’. The only bone of my bones and the flesh of my flesh would stand with me in my most desperate moments. Her sweet name Jordan has never left my mind a second. How I love the bible since it has taught me to love Jordan just as Christ loves the church. Isn`t this fascinating?

With my Jordan, Baptist church and the whole Christian fraternity has motivated me to keep moving. I have served God in various field both as a preacher and a missionary. I have not lost anything by serving God. Instead I have gained a lot. At the moment am aspiring to retire. I want to spend the remaining part of my life with the woman of my life.